No matter the exercise pressing that play button has the power to kick your workout into the stratosphere. Whether it’s pumping you up or keeping you going, music can change your workout for the better and maximise your full potential.  Don’t believe me? Here’s how to create the ultimate workout playlist that will get you up offa that thing and shaking it until you feel better.

Select your songs

Choosing the right track is vital to making your perfect playlist but, with endless amounts of songs at your finger tips how do you choose what’s best?

  • Does it fit the workout style? For example the music you listen to in HIIT is going to be different than in a yoga class. So, figure out what music will be best suited to the workout style.
  • Do you enjoy it? Your playlist has got to get YOU moving. If you don’t like the songs on there it’s going to have the opposite effect.
  • Think about the beat! Choosing an upbeat and energetic track can help with stamina, and working in time to the beat can help focus and even push you harder.
  • Is there a remix? Love a song but the tempo isn’t right? There’s thousands of remixes available to search through so you don’t have to sacrifice your favourite songs.

Sort your songs

As great as it is to hit shuffle, wouldn’t it be better if the music moved with you? Music should help you to get through each stage of your workout. Here’s how I plan my workout playlist.

  • Warm Up

The first songs in your playlist are the most important. These are the ones that set the intention for the workout ahead, have the power to get you in the zone and change your mind set.  These are the types of songs that make you forget about your worries and just get moving.

  • Level Up

This is where we start to raise the tempo. Think about motivational lyrics, something that will energise you and get that heart rate pumping and gradually build you to your peak.

  • Full Power

This is the climax of the workout! You will want the base, the beats and probably some Beyonce blasting. Having a higher BPM (beats per minute) track will definitely help you here.

  • Keep Pushing

Workouts are tough especially during the final stages so saving a few cheeky gems until the end is a game changer and can really help pull you through.

  • Finale

It’s the final part of the workout you need one last song to get you past the finish line. Make it a good one. I love using Don’t Stop me Now in Zumba as it’s fun, has a good variety of tempos and keeps you pushing until the very end.

  • Cool Down.

You made it! Now it’s time to stretch out and recover. Choose songs that will allow your body wind down and get back to its normal pre workout state, but with those added post workout endorphins of course.

Now you have an awesome playlist, it’s time to get to WORK!

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