2021: The Year of Loving You!

For a lot of us the New Year is a time for a fresh start, for wiping the slate clean. The phrase “New Year New Me” comes to mind, but what about the “old me”? Why are we always so quick to disregard our past selves in exchange for better models?

Here is why.

The New Year is here and with it comes an endless hoard of gym adverts, diet fads and beautiful Instagram “fitness models” claiming if you: drink this tea, wear this waist trainer, follow their fitness plan that you will look like an toned goddess within a week. We all know it’s not true, but we are made to feel so guilty for indulging over Christmas that we fall for it. We use the New Year as a time to reinvent ourselves, which let’s face it is really a punishment for being human and drinking mulled wine and eating maybe one too many mince pies.

So, here’s a cheeky reminder for us all:

While welcoming a new you is great there are still a lot of fabulous things worth keeping about the old you!  After all the old you got you through 2020 and, that’s got to count for something. So, rather than worrying about how many pigs in blankets you ate think about the memories you made instead.

Make this year different.

Make this New Year a YOU Year; rather than making unachievable/stressful resolutions focus on doing what makes you happy. Stop focusing on constant self-improvement and give yourself some love. You do not need to diet or shred the “Christmas Pounds!” You are enough. That’s what we need to be celebrating.

However, I do understand after it being so normal to punish ourselves for so long the idea of loving ourselves instead is very much easier said than done. So, if you are looking to make some resolutions this year here are a few tips on how to be happier, healthier and (seeing as I’m all about fitness) a little bit fitter too.

  • Avoid magical ‘fat loss’ products and fad diets. They don’t work
  • Walk away from toxic people and things.
  • Don’t pressure yourself – just because it’s a new year things don’t have to change straight away. Give it time! You have 365 days!
  • Take it one step at a time: make little achievable goals that bring you closer to the big one.
  • Be Kind- to yourself and to others.
  • Focus on gratitude.
  • Everyone is different- stop comparing your journey to everyone else’s.


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