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About Me

Meet Leesh
I’m Leesh, founder of Leesh Fitness, Beyonce worshipper and dancer extraordinaire. I have been a qualified Zumba instructor since 2016, Pound instructor since 2017 and qualified as a I.D.T.A freestyle teacher in 2019. In that time I’ve become addicted to all things fitness, encouraging you to join me in taking the work out of workout.

During my own fitness journey I have learnt how important it is to FEEL GOOD while working out. The fitness industry can be misleading: advertising diets and unachievable weight loss schemes all in order to look a certain way. I aim to teach that your size will NEVER define you but, if you are on your fitness journey with physical fitness in mind be mindful it takes time. Be patient with yourself; doing something is better than nothing but, most importantly do it because it’s fun. The core of Leesh Fitness is making fitness available for all and FUN for all. So, come and join me in getting fit the fun way and book a class now!


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